Many of us today are trying to find our way. 

We get lost in a sea, a maze of confusing options, frantically searching here and there for something, anything to fill the voids in our lives.

It’s amazing what we find to prop us up, make it seem like things are going great.  You could probably name a few of your favorites.  Food seems to be a major one today.  It’s one of those things we use to insulate us against any kind of emotion.  But, of course, there are others.

There are various types of addictions like alcohol, illegal drugs, pornography, sex. 

Then there are the more “innocent” ones like shopping, relationships, gossip, lying, stealing and a host of others.

Anything can become an addiction when it invades your life with such force that you have to have it and then it alters your ability to function effectively.

Ever seen the television shows regarding people who collect stuff to the point that they literally cannot get in their homes?  Or worse yet, fill up one house, abandon it and move to another and fill it up.  I guess they are also collecting homes.

Finding your way through life need not be that difficult. 

This blog is dedicated to giving words of wisdom, advice, tools to do that with effectiveness and clarity.  My prayer is that something you read will strike a chord, give insight or spark an aha moment.

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—Teresa Parker

3 Responses to Home

  1. cevon says:

    Thank you for a great post.

    • treeparker says:

      THanks so much. Your comment came into my site as spam. But I have “unsammed” you, whatever that means. I’m hoping that means you can post other things on the site.

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